Long range antenna for 868/915MHz systems

Looking to upgrade your transmitter antenna for your drone? Do you have poor range on your crossfire or Frsky. Check out the MOX_Rv2 from Prodrone!

This two-element parasitic array antenna offers a gain of approximately 5.5dBi and is specifically designed and tuned for frequencies in the 868, 900, or 915 MHz range. Compatible with systems such as FrSky, TBS, Radiomaster, iFlight, LoraWAN routers, ExpressLRS, Betafpv, Orqa, and more, this antenna is a significant upgrade over typical rubberduckies equipped with transmitters, and can extend your range significantly.

What sets the MOX_Rv2 apart from other antennas is its outstanding front-to-back ratio of about 30dB, small physical size, and its ability to generate a near-perfect 1:1 SWR without requiring any additional matching devices. It is also quite broadbanded, allowing for effective full-band coverage, and has an extremely wide beamwidth when used vertically, over 250 degrees. And with a durable design that’s more robust than its predecessor, the MOX_Rv2 is a high-quality antenna that’s built to last.

Each MOX_Rv2 antenna is tuned for the desired frequency before being shipped, and it can be used with a connector or modded to use an external antenna. So if you’re looking for an antenna that can help take your drone to the next level, consider the MOX_Rv2 from Prodrone.