Importance of using good quality antennas for long range drones

Drones have revolutionized the way we capture aerial footage, perform various tasks or just for FPV fun. However, the range of your drone is limited by its antenna. Using a low-quality antenna can result in a weak signal, which can cause your drone to lose control or crash, especially during long-range flights. In extreme situations Read more about Importance of using good quality antennas for long range drones[…]

Antennas for digital systems

Antennas are a probaly most important component in fpv system no matter that is analog or digital FPV system. They are responsible for capturing the electrical energy from a transmitter and converting it into electromagnetic waves that can be propagated through space. Type of antenna¬† that is used can significantly impact the quality of the Read more about Antennas for digital systems[…]

Expreslrs diversity – is it better ?

What is the importance of diversity in ExpresLRS? Diversity antenna systems offer several benefits, such as improving wireless connections, reducing multipath, and enhancing yours drone FPV link quality. When a signal encounters multiple obstructions, it experiences multipath, leading to signal deterioration and interference. Using a diversity antenna system can exploit the propagation path’s features to Read more about Expreslrs diversity – is it better ?[…]