DJI Digital FPV System – HD upgrade antenna set

High quality DJI Digital FPV antenna for long range

DJI HD Digital FPV antenna

Better antenna set for DJI Digital FPV System from
This antenna bundle include two long Pagoda antenna and two HD-Cross antennas.
Pagoda is omnidirectional antenna with 360 degrees coverage. Longer cable will make them way above head to provide greater signal reception even in back of goggles.
Upgrade antenna bundle for DJI FPV
This set also include two HD-Cross micro antennas with 9dbi gain. This are directional antennas. In mid range beam-width of each antenna is about 120 degrees.
Mounting them that they will be at angle to each other in about 30-40 degrees will  cover about 180 degrees with mid to long range reception. That will allow to users of DJI Digital FPV System to fly far way longer than on stock antennas.

As usually all antennas from Prodrone are perfectly tuned and checked before shipment.

In Prodrone DJI HD_P upgrade antenna set all antennas have LHCP polarization to perfectly match with your DJI FPV Air Unit.

Best antenna for DJI Digital FPV available at:

DJI Digital Long range antenna