Best linear polarized antenna for racing

Let introduce our new line of linearly polarized antennas for 5.8Ghz.  We called them ProMicroVee.

After researching and testing many designs we decided to produce inverted Vee antennas for 5.8Ghz. This is not new design, but this design wasn’t previously used for such frequencies.
As we know Vee antennas have great radiation pattern (yup it’s omnidirectional antenna) and quite good gain which is up to 2.15dbi.
Did I mentioned that is linear polarized antenna ? Yup, I did it. Many of you will ask, but as we know for 5.8 best option is circular polarization.
That’s right. But many of you are seriously racers :), so ranges that you are flying are not so big.
That’s why we decided to introduce you our ProMicroVee antenna that is dedicated for racing. It’s very light. It’s very durable. Every antenna has tag with basic characteristics – to know how you should use it to get best of it.
So every antenna is checked on spectrum analyzer. You will have guarantee that everyone antenna will be usable. Buying ProMicroVee antenna you will get quality product and you will sure that will work as it should.

Did I mentioned that our ProMicroVee antenna is cheap ? Just check it here:

Antennas are available in few versions. HD is most durable antenna. HD_lite is little bit less durable than HD.
They are available with u’fl connector, MMCX and SMA ora RP-SMA connector.